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Summer Shift Dress

Another creation from this summer.

2015-09-03 18.09.16

2015-09-03 18.06.01

2015-09-03 18.16.39

2015-09-03 18.14.34

Pattern from Burda Style: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/peplum-sleeve-dress-022014

A Wrap Dress

If I can only wear one style of clothes forever, it would be wrap dresses.

They are magical.

2015-09-03 18.18.28

2015-09-03 18.19.32

2015-09-03 18.21.20

2015-09-03 18.22.59

Pattern used: Vogue8379.

Sneak Peak Tango Dress Collection

I sewed 5 tango dresses the last few weeks. Yes 5!

There is one of them in action.😉

2015-07-29 20.58.20

Makeup that I’m Digging

My ideal situation with makeup is that I have one of each my favorite items and they would all fit into one makeup bag, that’s it! No more than that!

So i’ve composed the items below from the stash, and will use these up before I move to anything else, and NO BUY!


Easy is Good

I’ve been stuck with a few projects where the complexity just frustrated me.

So I thought to give myself some sense of accomplishments, I would do a really easy one.

Here it is, less than two hours of work, and I’m happy.

P1050923 P1050922 P1050921


Pattern used is Vogue Donna Karen.

Dropped Waist Tangerine Dress

I love all bias cut dresses, for it’s comfort to wear and the natural hugging to the body.

P1050737 P1050708 copy P1050710 copy P1050730 copy

Wide-legged Pants are the Best

Ok. I basically just said in my last post that I would rather wear dresses any day than pants.

But you see, wide-legged pants are a different story. They are so stylish and easy to wear.

So I correctly myself, dresses and wide-legged pants.

And, you can obviously see, I love this blue.

P1050875 copy P1050432 copy P1050897 copy

Long Sleeved Dress for Winter

I used to be a pants girl, with my wardrobe filled with jeans, pants and shorts. But since the last few years, I cleared out a lot of those pants to give the space for dresses.

I even thought about doing a 365 days dress project.

Well, here are two new additions to my dress collection to make the winter warm and stylish.

P1050821 copy P1050796 P1050834 P1050816 P1050778 copy P1050755 copy P1050760 copy P1050758 copy

Current Fabric Stash

I’m the kind of person who go out of control when shopping, but at the same time, too much stuff sitting unused gives me anxiety…

So before I go shop for my winter fabrics, I decided to do a stock take of my current stash, and plan a use for each of them.


Stretch Knits

Red white stripes- I have 3 meters. Will make a casual long sleeved dress with half of it, and the rest will stack away for spring/summer.

Chevron- 3-4 meters. Also have in mind a simple pull-over dress for this fabric. And it would be a fun print for bikinis too.

Feathers- Tango dress!


Light Fabrics

Burgundy chiffon- Tango skirt? Not sure

Daisy silk- This will have to wait until summer to turn in to a dress

Pink stripes- I bought this having in mind to make a shirt, we will see.

Green nets- This is going to be a long sleeved dress, I already have the design in mind.


Light Fabrics 2 

Shimmer see through white- Tango dress, but don’t know the design yet

Green silk plaid- Definitely a shirt.

Brownish silk-  A dress, but not sure about the design yet.



Left- Beautiful silk, positioning pattern, don’t know what to do yet.

Right- Lace, definitely only for tango you would see me in fuchsia lace…


Cool Colors

Blue- Making a pair of wide legged pants

Green- Probably dress, but haven’t decided on the design

Green plaid- only have 1 meter, probably a skirt.



Unbelievably beautiful golden pleated fabric!

I bought this when I first started sewing, still haven’t figured out a good use for it!

That’s all! Hopefully I can sew through some of this and clear space for some winter shopping soon!



P1050575 P1050576


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