SSC Result 2022

SSC Result 2022: Are you looking for 2021 SSC Result 2022? The results of all the Boards of Education in Bangladesh are presented on this page.

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Don’t worry, I will help you to get your SSC result 2022. We know that SSC exams are regulated by 09 education boards but 02 boards are madrasa and technical. That test is equivalent to SSC education level.

In this post, I will show you all about the system of checking the results of all the boards of submission, work and SSC exams.

SSC Result 2022
SSC Result 2022

If you follow our post, you can download or print your test result.

SSC Result 2022

All the boards of Bangladesh have completed the SSC 2021 examination. Every year a large number of students are taking part in the SSC examinations.

SSC Exam Information 2021

Exam year 2021

Exam start date: November 2021

Test start and end time

10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Total test time: 03 hours

Test number: 100

Exam Deadline: Routine

SSC Exam Result 2022

It is very easy to get your SSC exam results. You can easily check your SSC Result 2022 by following these steps.

Each student is very curious about their test results after completing the test. In this way, I am going to tell you all the public and private methods for collecting your SSC exam results in 2022

If you read my post carefully, you can easily collect your SSC Result 2022 with a complete marksheet.

When will SSC result 2022 be published?

This is a very common question from all SSC exam result candidates. Candidates are extremely excited to know the results of each test along with the full result sheet.

The result of SSC examination of 2021 depends on the Board of Education. However, the problem of Covid-19 SSC result 2022 late.

So in some time you will be able to collect your desired result through this page.

Last year, the results of the SSC examination of the Board of Education were released in the first week of May 2021. This year the results of SSC, Dakhil, and other examinations will be published by the end of 2022

SSC Result 2022 online

We already know because of the high audience sometimes the results check goes down for some time for the website. No one can verify the result when the website is down.

However I will give you one more website to check SSC exam results 2022

This is another website to check the results of the entrance test with the marksheet. SSC Exam Results Candidates will be able to collect their exam results from other websites.

Just follow my step by step instructions below.

Not just SSC exam results. You will also find SSC, JSC, JDC, HSC, Alim and technical exam results here.

SSC Result 2022 online

Now I will show you SSC Online Result 2022. The results of each test will be posted on their official website.

From that system you will get the actual test results because I will show you the process using the official website.

You only need your mobile or PC to verify your test results online from 2021. You need to make sure that you have data to check your test results online.

If not, you can’t test your results online. So you have to have MB.

How to check SSC result 2022?

See a sample of the system:

Online system

Message sending (SMS)

Our website

There are two ways to check results. I will show you both the systems to know your SSC result 2022 You can find out all the systems through our website

Online you now fill in everything like your own information according to the following rules

Exam Name: SSC Result 2022

Silket SSC / Submission / TechnicalExam year: Silket 2021

Board: Silk Dhaka

Roll: 296060

Registration number 01930128821

Adding numbers: 6 + 1 = 7

Now you need to click: Submit

Click SSC All Education Board Result Check Method


Procedure with marksheet of SSC Result 2022

Exam marksheet is most important for each examinee. The marksheet will show you each subject as a single number.

If you follow the above steps you will get SSC exam results with full marks. Follow my instruction with my complete instruction sheet for your SSC exam results.

Click on the method to check the result along with the number sheet marksheet

How to see SSC Result 2022 via SMS

The most common question is how can I send SMS to my SSC exam results? Nowadays, sending messages is the second best way to check the results of any test. If you do not have a good mobile.

If you do not understand well online, then SMS motivation is a good way to verify your test results.

Don’t worry! Here I will show you an example of SSC Exam Results 2022.

You will not be able to use any free SMS to test the results. You should recharge your original balance before sending SMS for SSC result test.

SSC Result 2022 via mobile SMS

Mobile SMS is one of the most popular way to check test results. Most of the students do not know how to check the test results by sending SMS. I will help you to know the system to check your SSC exam results via SMS.

First of all you need to know that you have sufficient balance for the cost of sending SMS. Now go to mobile message option. Then type in the new SMS format.

Send to SSC, Board, Roll Number, Year of Examination and 16222.

Dhaka Board for example

SSC DHA 298080 2021 Then Send to 16222.

Technical board for example

SSC TEC 298080 2021 Then Send to 16222.

Madrasa Board for example

SSCMAD 298080 2021 Then Send to 16222.

The result of the reply will be sent to you after waiting for a while for the SMS. You will see your test results from reply SMS.

SSC Exam 2022

Secondary school certificate is called SSC. This is the public examination of Bangladesh. The Board of Education of Bangladesh has announced the examination time through the official website.

Our Hon’ble Minister of Education Dr. Dipu Moni said that the number of candidates has increased from last year. In 2021, many students took part in the SSC exams.

After completing the exam you will see your SSC exam results 2022 with full mark sheet. If you see that website go down or don’t see your results, go to the results website for SSC results.

All education boards in Bangladesh are required to send short name SMS

Most students do not understand the short name of my first three boards. If you don’t know, read on. The Board of Education is required to send the first three letters via SMS for the results of the examination.

This means you must enter the first three letters of your department name.

For example, the name of my department is Dhaka. So it will be DHA as the first three letters.

All three board SSM sending letters

Dhaka Board


Mymensingh Board


Barisal Board


Chittagong Board


Comilla Board


Jessore Board


Rajshahi Board


Sylhet Board


Dinajpur Board


Three letters of two alternative education board’s SSM sending in Bangladesh





Grading system in Bangladesh. The grading system is only for classes 1 to 12. In this table, I will show you the grading system of Bangladesh for education system.


Thank you for taking the time with us to read our post with enough patience. If you want to ask a question or if you can’t do SSC Result 2022, write your roll number along with the name of the board. We will show you the test results after the results are officially released.

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