Create Social Networking Site | Like Facebook

Dear reader, The main topic of today’s discussion is create social networking site free like facebook.

How can I make a social networking site like facebook for free? | Creating a Website Like Facebook

Dear reader, through today’s article you will learn how to create a social networking website like Facebook for free. You must watch this tutorial carefully.

How To Make A Social Network Website Like Facebook?

If you want to build a web site just like Facebook, you need to buy a custom domain and buy hosting, but in this tutorial I will show you how to create a social networking website with a free domain so that you can have a custom domain in a social networking site. You can create the site yourself.

How to make a social networking website like Facebook using WordPress

You can also create a social networking website like Facebook through WordPress but I will show you absolutely free since we are doing this tutorial so I will show you with the help of free website builder.

How to Make a Social Media Website – Appy Pie

We will create a social networking website Appy Pie with the help of this platform. However, now we will know the details. Website to visit.

Click on the Get start button.

Now click on the Continue button with the name of your social networking website.

Then you will see several categories here, but since you will create a social networking site Dating click on this option and click continue.

Then use a tablet for your website. There are two types of Dark Mode and Light. Then click on Save & Next option.

Now you can create your own website by creating an account with your email address and password.

How to create a social media website using HTML

Dear reader, social media sites are basically made up of different types of scripts or HTML code or different types of programming languages, but I have shown you through today’s tutorial how you can create a platform like Facebook.

How to start a social networking site and make money

If you are interested in this rule how to make money by creating social networking website, you must write it in the comment box. Besides, the destiny that I have shown you is actually shown through this free platform.

Professional social networking websites are basically made up of different types of scripts.

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